Waves4Power wave power plant at Runde has produced power since June 2, 2017. The aim of the Runde demonstration system was proof of concept and to gather important data for the development of WaveEL™ 4.0, Next Generation and serial production of wave power systems. The plan was from the beginning that all tests would be completed before Christmas 2017 and that the wave power buoy WaveEL™ 3.0 would then be taken up for review and analysis.

Due to damage to the mooring lines of the WaveEL™ 3.0 buoy we have now chosen to tow the buoy to Fiskåholmen earlier than planned. We are now making a thorough analysis of the mooring system and an assessment of what has happened and how the damage has occurred. Once this work is completed we will make more information available.

The buoy in itself is intact. We are also pleased to note that we have collected all the important data needed for our further work with the next generation of wave power plants from Waves4Power.

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