Waves at night

Power Resource

The theoretical potential of energy from the wave is high, with an estimated capacity of around 29,500 TWh per year, compared to 1,200 TWh for tidal.

This means wave energy alone could theoretically meet all global energy demand”, says Francesco La Camera, Director-General at IRENA1.

“The main advantage of ocean energies is that they can help stabilize the electricity system because they don’t suffer the same kind of variability as solar and wind.”
Continues Francesco La Camera.

1 IRENA the International Renewable Energy Agency

The power that never ends

The world needs free, clean, greenhouse gas (GHG) energy. Electric power consumption by 2050 is estimated at 3 times today’s level. All possible sustainable energy sources need to be developed. Wave power has the potential to supply the world’s energy needs many times over. Every day, the ocean waves are char­ged with at least 9901 times more energy than the world requires. It’s the only energy source using power from the sun that has not yet been commercialized. The wave ener­gy – like solar and wind energy – is free for anyone to use. It has the potential to eliminate all need for power from fossil fuel.

 1 According to the Swedish utility Vattenfall

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