Month: February 2016

  • Oceans & Law of the Sea United Nations Report References Waves4Power

    The United Nations has a special division that specifically has a role in reporting and monitoring matters of the sea and ocean affairs. This particular division ensures that the UN has an understanding of recent news and important topics in this field in order to respond and address major issues informatively. In a recent report […]

  • Installation of the WaveEL buoy on site at Runde

    After the successful installation of the WaveEL buoy on site at Runde, the launch of the remaining system has been temporarily halted at midnight Friday, due to a problem with the connection hub, which was damaged during a corrective action with a misplaced mooring line. The Olympic Zeus had to leave for an operation in […]

  • Swedish Television coverage

    Swedish Television visited the Gothenburg harbor today with a report about WaveEL . (in Swedish). Video: Article:  

  • A new “giant pipe” in town

    The people in Göteborg woke up yesterday with a new “giant pipe” in town..! According to GP, the local newspaper. Read more (in Swedish):

  • Work Area

    (Information for local Norwegian marine traffic. ) Selskapet Waves4power  AS utviklar flytande, fast forankra bølgjekraftanlegg av typen WaveEL. Selskapet har fått løyve til å ha eit anlegg av denne typen i inntil tre år om lag 500 m vest for Måganeset på Runde i Herøy kommune.  Utplasseringa vil skje med spesialfarty i veke 6/2016. Samtidig […]

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