Our Technology

The WaveEL™ buoy is the power converter.

The standard WaveEL™ buoy is eight meters in diameter, in the water line. A vertical tube – 3.5 meters in diameter – passes through the buoy centre, reaching down 28 – 38 meters below the surface. Inside the tube is a water piston attached to a hydraulic system, and power take-off system, which convert the wave-induced, up and down motion to electricity. The electric power is exported via a patented low-voltage cable to the WaveEL™ Hub where it is transformed to medium high voltage and sent via sea cable to the power user.

The WaveEL™ buoy is moored with poly ropes to heavy gravity anchors on the ocean floor. The mooring design gives the buoy freedom to move almost unimpeded vertically, while safely securing it on station.


  • The Wave4Power WaveEL™ system is a point absorber equally suitable in coastal areas and offshore.
  • WaveEL™ 3.0 has been proven in long-term (12,000 hrs.) full-scale prototype studies in relevant environment on the Norwegian coast.
  • WaveEL™ 4.0 was introduced in 2023 and is going commercial in 2024.
  • WaveEL™ is designed to use off-the-shelf components from well-known suppliers, reducing development efforts, lowering costs, and simplifying scalability.
  • Waves4Power has developed unique patented solutions to advance its innovative technology with a focus on survival, low cost, and scalability.
  • WaveEL™ has an advantage over its peers with a high ratio of installed power per unit of weight [kW/kg]
  • Waves4Power has a clear, substantial, and proven value proposition for various external stakeholders.
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