Strategic Partners

Waves4Power’s network of strategic partners is a reason for its world-leading position as a supplier of wave power solutions. A strategic partnership with Waves4Power means a long-term, development agreement where the partner and Waves4Power share a common vision to develop systems that will reach 25 years of service-free operation.

The partners offer outstanding engineering and product development resources and well-tested off-the-shelf products, making it possible for Waves4Power to take on very large projects. These partnerships are based on long-term agreements. All intellectual property is owned by Waves4Power or jointly with the development partner. Most partners are not shareholders in Waves4Power.

Designing and supplying the power take-off system and control system hardware for the wave power system with the objective to develop components for 25 years of service free operation.

Designing and supplying the complete hydraulic system comprising of hydraulic cylinders, accumulators and valve system for the WaveEL™ buoy with the objective to design the system for 25 years without component replacement.

Delivers the biological hydraulic oil for the wave power system with the objective to develop a biological hydraulic oil that will last for 25 years in the wave power system.

Borealis is a leading provider of innovative solutions in the fields of polyolefins, base chemicals and fertilizers. Borealis is playing an important role in the Next Generation buoy and will be bringing the sustainability benefits of its Borstar® polyethylene materials in terms of light weighting, resource efficiency, and corrosion resistance to the strategic partnership.

Uponor, a leading international provider of structural components and piping systems in HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) for buildings and infrastructure.

SSAB’s pioneering fossil-free technology is the first real transformation in steel production in hundreds of years. SSAB’s customers around the world will have access to high-strength premium steel, fit for the future.

NKT connects a greener world with high-quality power cable technology and takes center stage as the world moves towards green energy. NKT designs, manufactures and installs low, medium and high voltage power cable solutions enabling sustainable energy transmission..

A Norwegian paint supplier, developing the paint scheme and supplying the paint for the wave power system. The objective is to develop a paint and biological anti-fouling system for buoys that will last for 25 years without repainting.

Designing and supplying the mooring system for the WaveEL™  buoy and the collection hub with the objective to develop a maintenance free mooring system that lasts for 25 years.

Marine operating consultants, planning and performing the marine operations for the wave power system launch and installation. Objectives are to make the marine logistics for deployment, service, and maintenance more efficient.

A Norwegian offshore shipping company, supplying the transport and launching vessel and deploying the WaveEL™  wave power system. Objective is to develop cost efficient marine logistic operations in cooperation with W4P and Undeko.

BnD-Engineering, an engineering and consulting company based in the Netherlands, brings a wealth of technical expertise in off-shore marine and energy applications and is an excellent complement to our technical team.

Oceanographic research center at Runde, in Norway. Responsible for the test site and service operations as well as environmental monitoring during the demonstration period.

Local Norwegian Energy Company. The owner of the subsea cable from the collection hub to the shore at Runde test site. Responsible for the grid interconnections and the distribution of the power from the WaveEL™  system to the shore-based power grid.

Software development company with the objective to develop a scalable cloud-based solution that will monitor, analyze, and store data from all wave power buoys.

LearningWell is a company certified by Siemens, to develop and build a performance monitoring and maintenance system for wave energy parks.

Chalmers University of Technology, founded in 1829, is located in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Division of Marine Technology supports Waves4Power in research and development projects.

Coriolis Utvecklings AB offers naval design, calculations, and inspection services for the marine industry. Coriolis also acts as an advisor in matters related to rules and regulations (Class & Statutory).

Tk Tech is a provider of technical services for industry in the Västra Götaland region, specializing in mechanical design, calculation and project management.

EnergyTwo (E2) LLC designs, develops, integrates, and installs clean energy generation systems and electric vehicle charging systems for homes and businesses.

Market Representatives

Official Waves4Power representative in Indonesien.

Official Waves4Power representative in South Africa.

Strategic Sponsors and Investors

Supporting Waves4Power with a loan for the WaveEL project.

A Swedish regional investment company that has invested in W4P.

Enova works for Norway’s transition to a low-emission society. Supporting Waves4Power with grants to secure a successful system development.

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