Survivability, Serviceability, Profitability
and the strategic partner network

WaveEL build 2015 (7)


Survival at Sea
Size matters, and in the ocean small is beautiful. Survival of the fittest is represented by navigation and weather buoys known to live on for decades, and some even for a century in the ocean. The Waves4Power buoy is like the weather and navigation buoys – an expert on survival.
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In the wave climate where the Waves4Power system performs the best, there will be but few opportunities when the weather allows for a visit to the wave power buoy. Accessibility, then, is key.
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Olympic Zeus at Runde in Norway. Courtesy of Martin Hauge-Nilsen
Waves 4 Power


Generating Green Energy at a competitive price, LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy)

The four key parameters that determine the cost of power produced are easily defined, but not as easily obtained. They are as follows: manufacturing cost, launch and retrieval cost, lifetime maintenance cost, and system efficiency/output.

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Strategic Partners Pack a Punch

Waves4Power has built a unique network of industrial partner companies. Each partner company is an industry leader in their respective field of business, and they take full responsibility for their solutions in the complete Waves4Power system.

The Waves4Partners are:
Siemens, Jotun, NKT Cables, Stryvo Group, BlueOrbis, PE/Mea Automation, Seaflex, Borealis, SSAB, Parker, Petronas, Astorplast AS, TK Tech AB, Delacroy, UPONOR, Olympic Shipping, Runde Environmental centre and Tussa Energy

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