Ocean waves are the world’s greatest untapped power resource. Waves4Power aim to make good use of this resource by producing environmentally friendly electricity.

Waves4Power like to show – future customers, investors and the world at large – the feasibility of the WaveEL system to be an important part of the necessary global transition from “old energy” – fossil fuel – to new sustainable green energy.

Our first demonstration system was first launched at Runde on the Norwegian West Coast in February 2016. Here the environment exposes the WaveEL system to some of the most powerful waves that Europe can offer and the site is so accessible and close to shore that the performance of the WaveEL buoy can actually be watched from land. In May 2017 the connection hub and sea cable to shore were laid and the installation completed. On June 2, 2017 the switch was flipped and power from the WaveEL system started to feed to the Norwegian power grid.  

But Waves4Power will not stop at Runde. At the moment we have ongoing extensive discussions in other locations and we hope to be able to report about new interesting projects in the near future.

WaveEL Buoy during assembly September 2015

WaveEL buoy during assembly September 2015

Launching at Runde, Norway

Norway has always had an abundance of inexpensive electricity from hydropower and it has not been on their mind to put a great deal of effort into renewable energy but this may be about to change.

Realization that they are sitting on some of the best wind and wave resources in the world combined with a national Norwegian goal to decrease and eventually totally cease the use of fossil fuel for power generation, on oil platforms, fish farms and other off grid applications, there is a new interest in domestic green energy.

With this in mind Waves4Power made the strategical decision to utilize the Runde test site – on the Norwegian West Coast – for the demonstration of the new WaveEL system.
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Arbetsområde / Work Area


(Information for local Norwegian marine traffic. )

Selskapet Waves4power  AS utviklar flytande, fast forankra bølgjekraftanlegg av typen WaveEL. Selskapet har fått løyve til å ha eit anlegg av denne typen i inntil tre år om lag 500 m vest for Måganeset på Runde i Herøy kommune.  Utplasseringa vil skje med spesialfarty i veke 6/2016. Samtidig vil Tussa legge ein ny sjøkabel frå bøyelokaliteten og inn til Sæviksteinen på Remøya, langs eksisterande sjøkabel.

Anlegget vil bestå av ei synleg bøye med 8 m diameter, forankra til tre store anker.  Ei mindre bøye for kabeltilknyting vil ligge i ca 100 m avstand SE for bøya. Fire markeringsbøyer med blinklys og radarreflektor vil markere testområdet der det vil vere begrensingar på ferdsel.  Arbetsområdet vil ha følgjande koordinatar:

A 62º 23′ 27.28″N  5º 34′ 47.01″ E
B 62º 23′ 28.39″N  5º 35′ 43.28″ E
C 62º 23′ 09.86″N  5º 35′ 06.57″ E
D 62º 23′ 10.61″N  5º 36′ 01.70″ E
Spørsmål om bøya kan rettast til Waves4power ved Jan Melsom, tlf :  +47 900 58 578
Spørsmål om sjøkabelen kan rettast til Tussa Svein Vassbotn mobil +47 916 96 095

Runde, Norway