The WaveEL™ Team

Our highly skilled Waves4Power Team represents a wide range of backgrounds with applicable skill sets and experiences to handle the challenges of green energy solutions based on wave power.

Particular strengths of our team include marine operations and diving, mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic design and engineering, hydrodynamic computer simulations, ship and infrastructure design, manufacturing, logistics, finance, business development, and market communication.

Management and Board of Directors

Jonas Kamf


Overall company lead, financial strategy development, marketing, and communication.

  • Bachelor’s in Marketing and Business Administration
  • Previous experience in marketing and advertising at companies such as IBM, NCR, Braun, and SCP Grey
  • Co-founder and CMO at BlueOrbis, a company providing professional services in the fields of marine engineering, contracting and operations.

Göran Fredrikson



Corporate administration and fund raising with a strong involvement in the tech development of WaveEL™.

  • Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and study of Production Management in Sweden, USA and Japan.
  • President of Nobel Biocare Manufacturing Inc, and Vice President of Biomet Microfixation
  • Co-founder of AquaEnergy
  • Co-founder and first president of Waves4Power

Carl Fredrikson

Board Member

Overall strategy development plus a strong focus on engineering and technology development team.

  • CTO at ITM Trading in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Colorado while working at NREL (the National Renewable Energy Laboratory). Bachelor’s in Applied Science (BASc) Computer Engineering Technology.
  • Specific Skills: Product Development, Process Optimization, Reporting and Analytics, and Systems Admin.

Oddvar Strand

Board Member

Overall strategy development plus responsibility for the operations in Norway.

  • Degree in Economics
  • CEO/COO of Rovde Shipping and Siem Offshore
  • Consultant for local enterprises and larger oil companies mainly in Norway
  • Holds several board positions in Norwegian private companies and bank/finance institutions

Advisory Board

Bengt Mårlind

Marine Operations Expert

Bengt is an early investor in Waves4Power and has been a member of the board and for a period an interim President. Bengt brings important marine operation’s expertise to the company. Together with his brother Tore they form the backbone of Waves4Power’s marine operation’s team.

Christian Plyhm

Finance – acting CFO

Christian is a true entrepreneur and has a unique competence within Business Development. He is presently working as CEO of Connect Bus, after performing a multimillion merger followed by a sale of the company to an international bus operator. Christian holds an MBA from Gothenburg School of Business, Economics and Law.

Jonas Ringsberg

Professor of Marine Structures

Jonas and his research group of graduate and postgraduate students from the Division of Marine Technology at Chalmers University of Technology have created numerical models that validate the result of the WaveEL™ 3.0 full-scale prototype at Runde, Norway. The research group will continue supporting Waves4Power in research and development within the subject areas researched together since 2012.

Andy Goh

BSc. Eng. Strategic Advisor

Andy is an experienced business professional. Previously Asia Pacific Manager at Ingersoll Rand and Asia Pacific Manager at Marsh Bellofram. Currently the Managing Director of Bellofram International Pte Ltd, developing markets in Italy, Korea, and China. Co-founder of Jinan Maxtork Automation Co Ltd.

Lars Wååg

Strategic Advisor

Lars has vast, international experience in large corporations, most notably a 10-year stint as Vice President of Sony Ericsson Global. He has also held the position of Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce Vienna for almost a decade.

Tech Team

Lars Filip Alm

System Design and cofounder

Filip is one of the eight founders of Waves4Power. He has contributed to the development of both WaveEL™ 2.0 and WaveEL™ 3.0. His expertise is broad with a special emphasis on hydraulic system design and optimization after many years with VOAC, the hydraulic company once owned by Volvo. Filip is Waves4Power’s patent expert and has his name on several of the company’s patents.

Lennart Claeson

Design and cofounder

Lennart is one of the eight founders of Waves4Power. He is an inventor, mechanical and structural designer, and performs strength and balance calculations. Lennart has made the structural design of the IPS-Buoy, the WaveEL™ 2.0, and WaveEL™ 3.0 buoy. He is one of the developers of the original models for the buoy’s efficiency and wave spectrum energy conversion to energy output from a wave energy converter. He has his name on several of the patents used by Waves4Power.

Jan Forsberg

Simulations and Co-founder

Jan is one of the eight founders of Waves4Power. He is a master of numerical modeling and simulations. Jan has spent most of his career as an educator at Karlstad University, and as an Assistant Professor at the Department for Environment and Energy Systems. Throughout his career, he has held a keen interest in wave power and how to express mathematically the optimal way to harvest this ocean resource. Jan has created the simulation tools used to control the WaveEL™ system.

Carl Ejnar Sölver

Electrical Systems Advisor

Carl Ejnar joined Waves4Power as an investor in 2012 and quickly became the company’s resident high voltage and power system expert. Carl Ejnar has a long and distinguished career with ABB and as an Associate Professor at Chalmers. He joined ASEA, later ABB, in Ludvika, Sweden in 1975 and was a trailblazer in the development of high-voltage equipment. Carl Ejnar is responsible for the electrical side of the power conversion system both low voltage and medium voltage and the transmission to shore.

Wouter Uitentuis

Mechanical Engineering

Wouter is a Mechanical Engineer and one of the founders of BnD Engineering, an engineering and consulting company based in the Netherlands. BnD operates in the fields of oil and gas, food, energy, and engineering companies worldwide, in both on-shore and off-shore applications.

Sander Fievez

Process Engineering

Sander is a Process Engineer and one of two founders of BnD Engineering. BnD designs, delivers, and maintains high-quality effective processing systems enabling customers to maximize their use of their resources with minimal environmental impact

Tore Mårlind

Marine Engineering

Tore is the hands-on Marine Operations Manager and together with his brother Bengt, he brings the services of the UNDEKO organization to Waves4Power. Based on his experience in design, calculation, and execution phases of marine projects, he saw the opportunity to use HDPE material – normally used in large water delivery systems – to build the next-generation WaveEL™ buoy, saving weight and cost while reducing the system’s need for maintenance.

Market Representatives

Oddvar Strand, Norway
Peter Child, UK
Roger Gault, UK
Göran Fredrikson, USA
Hans Fredrikson, USA
Firdaus Wajdi, Indonesia
W.P. van der Merwe, South Africa

Marketing & Communication

Dixie Punsky, Communication
Catrine Fredrikson, Communication
Janne Frankfelt, Creative Director

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