After undergoing an overhaul and systems upgrade at Ulstein Shipyard, the WaveEL Buoy has been successfully redeployed at the same test site off of Runde Island in Norway, where it spent the better part of 2016.

The mooring system that served the WaveEL buoy so well during last year’s tough storms and waves was reconnected to the buoy on May 5th. Within the next couple of weeks – when there is a suitable weather window – Waves4Power plans to deploy the connection hub and lay the sea cable to shore for the grid connection. The operation will be conducted by Olympic Shipping in cooperation with BlueOrbis, according to Waves4Power’s President Ulf Lindelöf.

Lindelöf continues by saying: “We anticipate starting to feed electric power to the grid before the end of May”.

The next generation WaveEL wave power system is being developed with our partners currently. The system will be built from new materials and will reduce the cost of building and deployment by 50% initially.

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