• A New Endeavor in Marine Energy

    Waves4Power is a Swedish company that develops and sells wave energy systems. During the first week of February, Waves4Power will have a complete wave energy system moored at the harbor in Gothenburg before shipping to the deployment site outside Ålesund in Norway. This is the result of years of development, design, construction, and testing, and […]

  • Partner Communication Forum

    Waves4Power and partners have formed a Communication Forum to handle all marketing and activities around the WaveEL project at Runde. Documentation, films, exhibitions, and launch activities are all part of that planning. The Partners are Siemens, Parker, Jotun, Olympic, Shipping, Petronas, Blueorbis, Seaflex ES, nkt cables and MEA.

  • 300 000 NOK for Marine Operation Simulation

    Waves4Power together with Olympic Shipping ( and Fosac ( has received a grant from GCE BLUE Maritime Innovation Grant. This grant will be used to develop programs to simulate launch, service operations, and develop the logistics around the handling of our wave power system in the marine environment. Fosac is a simulator facility in Fosnavåg, […]

  • 9 000 000 SEK for Cable Project at Runde

    Swedish Energy Agency has approved to support an important cable research project in connection with the Waves4Power WaveEL project at Runde. During the next year, Nkt cables, Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut (SP), and Chalmers University of Technology will conduct reliability testing on low voltage cables specially designed for marine energy parks. The aim is to develop […]


    Tidal Energy Today, an online publication, writes about WaveEL on December 14, 2015.  

  • Wave energy buoy soon to be launched

    2015-10-25 Snart sjösätts stort västsvenskt vågkraftverk Article in Göteborgs Posten – Newspaper in Gotherburg “Inom kort fraktar Waves4power en 42 meter lång boj upp på norska kusten. Vid ön Runde ska bojen producera el till det norska elnätet. Vågkraft har stor potential som en förnybar energikälla…. ” Translation ” Shortly Waves4power’s 42 meter buoy will […]

  • W4P finalist at Nordic Cleantech Open 2015

    2015-02-17 Waves4Power has been chosen as one of 25 finalists in the Nordic Cleantech Open 2015. See Pressrelease from Nordic Cleantech Open. Link to press release.

  • Believes in breakthrough for wave energy

    2015-09-01 Trur på gjennombrot for bølgekraft Waves4Power in Sunnmørsposten. Read the whole article:

  • Almi Invest invests press release

    Almi Invest invests in Waves4Power, read press release Tuff test väntar lovande svensk vågenergi

  • W4P will start building a full scale wave power system

    2014-12-12 Waves4Power have now successfully recapitalized the company in order to take the next step towards full commercialization. During spring 2015 W4P will start building a full scale wave power system for launch on the Norwegian west coast late summer/autumn 2015. More info soon… Waves4Power have performed 2 full scale sea trials with great result. […]

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