Last week, Waves4Power hosted a study visit from members of the Maestrale project, part of the Interreg MED Programme. This project aims to lay the basis for a Maritime Energy Deployment Strategy in the Mediterranean.

The delegation, from Southern Europe energy agencies, universities and other institutions engaged in marine energy, visited Gothenburg and Waves4Power to study marine energy technologies that could be applied in the Mediterranean area.

The agenda included presentations by Waves4Power CMO, Jonas Kamf, CTO Filip Alm, and a presentation of Waves4Power “Next Generation” by Mr Kari Karjalainen from Waves4Power partner company UPONOR. There was a very positive discussion regarding marine energy possibilities in the Mediterranean area with special focus on wave power solutions. Waves4Power also gave a presentation on how a complete energy system for island communities etc. could be built up. This would entail a system based on wave power and smart energy storage.

“There seems to be good possibilities for Waves4Power wave power system in the region. The meeting was a good opportunity for us to learn more about the special prerequisites and a possible market potential in various parts of the Mediterranean Sea”, says Jonas Kamf.

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