On January 1st, Jonas Kamf was named President and CEO of the Gothenburg-based wave power company Waves4Power AB. Jonas previously held the position as CMO for the company since 2012.

Jonas Kamf has extensive professional experience in sales, marketing, and business administration. After an early career in sales and product management, he entered the advertising business as a CEO in the mid-80s. In 2010 he shifted gears to join Frog Marine Group as Marketing Director. In autumn of 2011 BlueOrbis AB was founded where Jonas was an associate and acted as CMO. During this time, he also consulted the marketing and business development of a respected Norwegian marine contracting and diving firm.

Jonas says about his new assignment:

“Waves4Power has a very strong vision – to generate a better future by providing the world with green energy solutions based on wave power. We aim to reach our vision by taking a leading position in replacing fossil fuel-based energy with CO2 free green energy from ocean waves. Our technology is well proven and tested. The only thing now is to do it.”

Waves4Power is entering a new phase of development and commercialization for their wave power system. In this phase, Waves4Power plans to produce the first in a row of commercial wave power parks, and is currently searching for strong financial backing. Potential customers for this initial commercial application are the offshore oil & gas industry, the fish farming industry, and “remote” island communities.

The commercial wave power parks, still a central focus for Waves4Power, will be based on their “Next Generation” technology. This offers a refined and optimized system solution, developed for mass production and resulting in competitive LCOE [Levelized Cost of Electricity] and high returns on investment for all involved.

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