On August 17, 2017 Waves4Power successfully launched the Green Power Ecosystem at the Aqua Nor Trade Fair in Trondheim. The Green Power Ecosystem by Waves4Power uses the free energy in the ocean waves to create a long term, reliable power supply. During hours of low power consumption the over production of electricity is used to produced fresh water, oxygen, and hydrogen. The hydrogen is stored and used as a power source in fuel cells, at the farm or in other applications such as support vessels etc. The fresh water and the oxygen can be used in debugging of fish and as an extra oxygen source in the net cases to keep the fish healthier. The heat generated in the process is used for heating living quarters, houses etc.

Everything in an ongoing process: The Green Power Ecosystem by Waves4Power.

For more information please contact:

CEO Jonas Kamf, jonas.kamf@waves4power.com

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