Five months has passed since Waves4Power connected the wave power plant at Runde to the Norwegian power grid. And it’s over a month since King Harald V – on site in Fosnavåg – inaugurated the continued goal of wave power industrialization in Norway.

The wave climate has varied greatly during the five months of interconnection, but we are pleased to note that things are working according to plan.

At this point, Waves4Power is in an intense period of testing and evaluating all components and subsystems of the WaveEL 3.0, wave power buoy at Runde. The results from these evaluations will provide the company with invaluable information for the ongoing development of the next generation of wave power buoys – WaveEL 4.0 – which will be put into serial production in Norway.

During this period Waves4Power has also strengthened the organization by hiring a new CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Magnus Rahm. Magnus has several years of experience from development work within the wave power field. He joined the organization on October 1, 2017.

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