In its latest newsletter from the Energy Area of Advance, Chalmers University of Technology tells us about how a researcher at the Department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences and the Department of Marine Engineering, Shun-Han Yang, is supporting Waves4Power to develop numerical models that can predict the life expectancy of components used in wave energy systems.

According to the article, Shun-Hun Yang states, “The method enables the industry to assess the damage the waves cause mooring devices and power cables, etc., while they can calculate the power capacity and energy cost of the wave energy systems.”

Waves4Power’s CEO Jonas Kamf confirms the benefit of having Chalmers as a partner. For a company with limited resources, our partners have become a very important resource. The cooperation with Chalmers opens doors to financing i.e. grants that would otherwise not be available for the company.

Kamf further states that work with an objective third-party partner as Chalmers adds a level of trustworthiness for Waves4Power, and Shun-Hun Yang’s work verifies the theoretical models created with practical results from test activities. 

Shun-Hun Yang stresses that this type of collaboration between academia and industry is a prerequisite to make her type of research possible and continues industry feedback is needed to clarify the challenges that exist.

We fully expect this developmental collaboration between Chalmers and Waves4Power is to continue even as we move towards a fully commercial future.

You can view the original full article here:

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