September 21st was an important milestone for Waves4Power, their sponsors, investors, development partners and the local community. Attendees enjoyed a day of seminars and presentations by partners at the Fiskåholmen shipyard in Vanylven, in Møre og Romsdal county. HM King Harald V of Norway attended the event, taking a boat ride and visiting the WaveEL buoy in action, as well as cutting the ribbon of our official opening in the market square close to the harbor of Fosnavåg, in front of an enthusiastic crowd of a couple thousand people.


Looking on the Buoy

Magnus Rahm, W4P; Lars Efraimsson Borealis

In the W4P Shipyard

In the Shipyard

In Fosnavag for Presentations

W4P Presentation in Fosnavag

Stig Remøy, Olympic Shipping; Frederic Hauge, Bellona; Jan Kjetil Paulsen, Bellona; Ulf Lindelöf, W4P, Ingvar Hagman NKT Cables, Joakim Winggren, Almi Invest; Per Lorentsson, Delacroy


W4P and Partners in Fosnavag

Patrik Meuris Petronas, Stefan Bengtsson Petronas, Göran Fredrikson W4P, Stig Remøy, Olympic Shipping; Frederic Hauge, Bellona; Jan-Inge Glenberg, Jotun; Bengt Mårlind, BlueOrbis AB; Stefan Söderberg, MEA/PE; Magnus Rahm, W4P; Joakim Winggren, Almi Invest

W4P Ceremonies in Fosnavag

Photo courtesy Kristoffer Nærø Ytterland/

Fisherman's Wife in Fosnavag

Crowds Gather for Waves4Power

HM King Harald V of Norway

HM King Harald V of Norway cuts the ribbon for Waves4Power

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