From the minds of skilled engineers to a socket near you

Waves4Power AB (W4P) – a privately held Swedish Corporation – is developing and selling offshore wave energy systems.

Waves4Power’s Business Concept is:

W4P is a full life cycle provider of wave power systems to power companies all over the world.

Waves4Power’s vision is to become the Global leader in generating electricity from the free and eternal energy in ocean waves. Waves4Power’s mission is to bringing to market a cost efficient and highly durable wave power technology with the market’s lowest generation cost.

Waves4Power’s The Concept

  1. Survival in tough wave climate
  2. Commercially viable
  3. Flexible
  4. Service friendly
  5. Simple and robust


WaveEL system


The WaveEL Buoy is the power generator. Each plant consists of a large number of buoys, linked together into a optimised power generation pattern.

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Wave power potential


Ocean waves represent our planet’s last untapped natural renewable energy resource. The energy contained within waves has the potential to produce up to 80,000 TWh of electricity per year.

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Working principle

  • A buoy with a long vertical tube (the acceleration tube) passing through it
  • A water piston inside the tube connected to a power conversion system
  • A mooring system allowing the buoy free vertical movement while securing it on station
  • A connection system from the buoy to the local power grid

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The WaveEL Buoy is designed for high efficient serial production. The core of the system always stays the same and is based on standard components but size adjustments are made to optimize the system for the unique conditions at each installation site. Every effort is made to guarantee that our customers will produce electricity at a highly competitive price compared to other sustainable energy sources.

The team


The experience among the Waves4Power team is some of the long- est within the wave power industry. Here we present the CV:s of the people involved in the company.

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