Wave energy systems

Waves4Power is developing, building and selling Offshore Wave Energy Systems.

We are using the free energy in ocean waves to generate electric power.

A simple strong concept
SURVIVABILITY in the tough environment at sea.
SERVICABILITY at sea, flexible and easy to use.
PROFITABILITY for the user and for the environment

Friendly and profitable


The Waves4Power system has been tested live in two full sea trials. The trials prove that the system generates power according to simulations. Now it’s time to take the next step.

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Global power potential


Ocean waves represent our planet’s last untapped natural renewable energy resource. The energy contained within waves has the potential to produce up to 80,000 TWh of electricity per year.

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Pumping pure power

  • A buoy with a long vertical tube (the acceleration tube) passing through it
  • A water piston inside the tube connected to a power conversion system
  • A mooring system allowing the buoy free vertical movement while securing it on station
  • A connection system from the buoy to the local power grid

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Launching at Runde, Norway


The Waves4Power system is entering the last phase before starting serial production. The launch at Runde on the Norwegian west coast will be a real life demonstration of the functionality and the survivability of the system. The wave climate at Runde is ideal for high efficient wave power production and the infrastructure is already in place.

The team

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The experience among the Waves4Power team is probably the most extensive within the wave power industry. Here we present the CV:s of the people involved in the company.

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