Why Wave Power

The Stable Energy Source

Wave Energy like wind and solar has its origin in the free renewable energy continuously received from the sun. Wave energy however is unique because it is the most concentrated form of renewable energy on earth – with power density much higher than that of wind and solar energy – it is also much more predictable and consistent than wind and solar are. Sea states can be accurately predicted 48 to 72 hours in advance, while accurate wind forecasts rarely are available for more than 5-7 hours.

Waves are created when wind moves over the ocean surface. Even small ripples on the ocean surface gives the wind an opportunity to off load some of its energy on to the waves, causing the waves to grow bigger as the wind is acting over the ocean surface over long distances – the fetch. The longer the fetch and the stronger the wind the bigger the waves. As waves can travel for hundreds and even thousands of kilometers with virtually no loss of energy, they act as an energy reservoir charged by the wind.

The wind in turn is created when the sun heats the surface of the earth unevenly, creating air movement, first vertically when hot air rises up and then horizontal air motion – wind – is created to fill the void from the rising air.

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Resource Potential

With 2/3 of the earth’s surface covered with water, Ocean Waves represent our planet’s last untapped natural renewable energy resource and they hold tremendous amounts of energy, we only need to tap it.

According to the IEA-OES, Annual report in 2007, it is estimated that 80,000TWh of electricity per year can potentially be captures from ocean waves – sufficient to meet our global energy demand five times over.

If we can use only a minor part of the potential, it would be a great leap for mankind, in particular since the majority of the world population lives in close proximity to coastlines.

Future targets for Europe (European Commission figures)
2050 = 15% from Marine Energy
2080 = 50% from Marine Energy

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