The Solution

Waves4Power AB is developing and selling wave energy systems. The heart of the system is our proprietary WaveEL buoy – a point absorber – where the energy of the waves are converted into electrical power. A wave power park consist of a large number of WaveEL buoys linked together in an optimized power generation pattern.

The Waves4Power system is based on years of experience and testing of wave power systems and from many years of marine service operations, resulting in a design which focuses on the SAFE concept.

WaveEL buoy THE HEART OF THE SYSTEM – a gigantic pump

  • A buoy with a long vertical tube (the acceleration tube ) passing through it
  • A water piston inside the tube connected to a power conversion system
  • A mooring system allowing the buoy free vertical movement while securing it on station
  • A dynamic cable connecting the WaveEL buoy to the collection hub and then via sea cable to the shore based power grid

The WaveEL buoy is a Point Absorber and as such is defined as a device with small horizontal dimensions in relation to the wavelength of the waves from which it is extracting energy. Due to their size point absorbers are known to survive well in the ocean as they do not fight the waves but ride them.

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The characteristic feature of the WaveEL buoy is the patented long acceleration tube. The tube – which is open in both ends – goes right through the buoy and is sticking down 30-35 meters below it.

As waves rise and lower the buoy with the attached tube, they will move differently from the water column in the tube. By placing a piston – connected to a hydraulic conversion system – in the tube, a gigantic pump is created.

Working Priciple

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