Waves4Power AB

Waves4Power is developing and selling wave energy systems. The heart of the system is the WaveEL buoy – a point absorber – where the energy of the waves are converted into electric power. A wave power park consists of a large number of WaveEL buoys linked together in an optimized power generation pattern.

Waves4Power has secured cooperation with strategic partners covering all important present and future development areas and has now started the final system demonstration towards commercializing its wave power technology.

Together with our partners and carefully selected suppliers, our team of skilled engineers are deeply engaged in the final stage – the system demonstration – which started with the launch of the full scale WaveEL buoy at Runde in Norway.

The final step before full commercialization is to demonstrate survivability, energy production and to give potential customers an opportunity to see, touch and evaluate the system performance by themselves in a challenging wave climate. The  Demonstration Wave Power Park at Runde consists of the the WaveEL buoy connected to the shore based power grid via a unique collection hub and proprietary sea cables developed in cooperation with nkt cables over the last couple of years.

Strong Competence

Over 35 years of Experience

Marine Expertise


In the water
In the water

Years of Experience


SAFE Concept

  • Survivable
  • Accessible
  • Financially Feasible
  • Easily Maintained

Core Values

  • Passion – we believe in what we are doing and we believe we are doing the right thing.
  • Well Being – everybody involved should benefit from our operation especially the global environment.
  • Down-to-Earth – concept focusing on functionality simplicity and total economy.