Emil Christiansen new President and CEO at Waves4Power

On 1 June, Emil Christiansen took up the position of President and CEO of the Gothenburg-based wave power company Waves4Power. The company is now looking for financing as it enters a new phase with its wave power system. The system was successfully tested at Runde off the Norwegian west coast and is set for further adaptation and development to meet the market demands. Their ultimate goals now are to create an established presence in the market, reduce costs by half, and prepare for mass production. Potential customers have been identified in the following segments: fish farming, oil and gas, and remote island communities.

Emil Christiansen has held leading positions in various industrial companies engaged in global volume production of both products and services. He has extensive experience in driving product development and leading business areas with strong growth. Emil hails most recently from Toyota.
Emil says of his new assignment:
“I see an enormous potential in Waves4Power’s solution. With us we have strong partners who share and work together with us to achieve our vision. Waves4Power will generate a better future by providing renewable energy from ocean waves. It is tremendously exciting and I am proud to be working in a growth company that contributes to making our world a better place”.

A successful test of the power-generating buoy, the core of the wave power system, was carried out off the Norwegian coast during the summer and autumn of 2017. The test installation was successful in meeting the project’s ambitious goals; the system survived in one of the world’s toughest wave climates, it generated power, and it didn’t cause any damage to humans or the natural environment.  This was celebrated last autumn in the presence of His Majesty King Harald V of Norway with a formal ceremony.

Waves4Power is now looking for financing for the development of the next generation of wave power systems, the so-called “Next Generation.” The solution will be refined, costs halved, and preparations made for mass production. Additionally, the company will work on strengthening its collaboration with potential customers, mainly in the segments fish farming, oil and gas, and small island communities.

”Waves4Power will generate a better future by providing renewable energy from ocean waves”.


For further information, please contact:
Emil Christiansen, President, Waves4Power
+46 72 210 44 20


Waves4Power is a Swedish company based in Gothenburg, which develops and sells fossil-free energy systems based on wave power. Waves4Power focuses on sustainability, serviceability and profitable power generation. The core of the W4P wave power system is a power- generating buoy with elastic anchors. The company began developing the latest generation of wave power systems after the prototype of the WaveEL buoy was launched outside Vinga in 2010. Today, W4P works with a network of commercial industrial partners and in close cooperation with, among others, Chalmers University of Technology. The company is represented in Sweden, Norway, USA and the UK. www.waves4power.com