Survivable – Accessible – Financially feasible – Easily maintained

The Waves4Power system is based on many years of experience and marine service operations, resulting in a wave energy converter design which focuses on the SAFE concept.

WaveEL build 2015 (7)


Survival at Sea
Size matters and in the ocean small is beautiful. Survival of the fittest is represented by navigation and weather buoys known to live on for decades and some even for a century in the ocean. WaveEL is like the weather and navigation buoys – an experts on survival.
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From Smaller Vessels

In the wave climate where WaveEL performs the best, there will be but few opportunities when the weather allow for a visit to the wave power buoy. Accessibility than is key.
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Olympic Zeus at Runde in Norway. Courtesy of Martin Hauge-Nilsen
Waves 4 Power

Financially Feasible

Generating Green Energy at the Right Cost

Without a profitable system there will be no future for wave power. The four key parameters that determine the cost of the power produced are easily defined but not at all as easily obtained. They are the manufacturing cost, the cost of launch and retrieval, the maintenance cost during the life of the device and finally the system efficiency or output.

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Easily Maintained

Modular and Standard

The WaveEL buoys are built with all components placed in modules that are easily replaced with no need to move the buoy from its moorings. The modular concept reduces service time at sea where the cost of operations is the highest. The module in need of repair is brought to shore where the job can be performed in a dry clean environment.

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